RADA synergica – Isgrelaje

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01-Rada Synergica-Isgrelaje
02-Rada Synergica-Strandpiraten
03-Rada Synergica-Od lo ahawti dai
04-Rada Synergica-Oifn Bijdm
05-Rada Synergica-Bulgarischer Tanz
06-Rada Synergica-Daloj Politsej
07-Rada Synergica-Nane Zocha
08-Rada Synergica-Di Mame
09-Rada Synergica-T'zion Tamati
10-Rada Synergica-Lindràji szi
11-Rada Synergica-A Kelnisher Kaharod
12-Rada Synergica-Du sollst nischt geyn
13-Rada Synergica-Odessa Bulgar
14-Rada Synergica-Sprayz ikh mir
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On their recently released debut album 'Isgrelaje', RADA synergica from Leipzig play a refreshing mixture of Klezmer and Eastern European pieces. The three musicians excel on their partly genre-untypical instruments, which include piano, accordion, clarinet and cello. On their first CD the trio plays mainly traditional Jewish pieces. But also traditional pieces from Romania and Bulgaria can be found on the album.
Ein eben sol­ches ist das Titel­stück ›Isgre­la­je‹ bei dem die Band nur mit mehr­stim­mi­gem Acapella-​Gesang eine wah­re Gänsehaut-​Atmosphäre schafft.

It continues cheerfully with 'Standpiraten', an instrumental in that certainly leaves not a foot still. With 'Od lo ahawti dai' the trio has recorded a beautiful piece by the Israeli songwriter Naomi Shemer.

It continues with Bulgarian Traditionals, a Yiddish protest song from the beginning of the 19th century ('Daloj Politsej') and famous pieces like 'Du sollst nischt geyn'.

An impressive album, which I hereby recommend to every Klezmer fan. In any case, I was completely thrilled by it!

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