A Christmas World Tour with RADA synergica

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01-RADA synergica-Amen
02-RADA synergica-Los Peces En El Rio
03-RADA synergica-Santa Claus
04-RADA synergica-'S Raachermannel
05-RADA synergica-Deep Peace
06-RADA synergica-Ederlezi
07-RADA synergica-Oj, Chanuke
08-RADA synergica-Dä Tonners Grittibänz
09-RADA synergica-Baba Namo Kevalamo
10-RADA synergica-Thailändische Konigshymne
11-RADA synergica-Mihi Mai Ra
12-RADA synergica-Gudjewg
13-RADA synergica-He Poroporoaki
14-RADA synergica-Riu Riu Chiu
15-RADA synergica-Stille Nacht
16-RADA synergica-Melchior et Balthasar
17-RADA synergica-Jolotschka
18-RADA synergica-Konne Djate Eyii Na Badji Bo Bethlem
19-RADA synergica-Tausend Sterne sind ein Dom
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Impressive Grand Prix of Christmas Music



Twelve Points: RADA synergica present CD with international Christmas songs

Behind the musty lining of the old Santa Claus coat there stirs rhythmic resistance. Three charming ladies bring salvation to all those who, after having eaten the roast on Christmas Eve, are terrified of the acoustic, fussy and sacred traditional carnival.
No more " Silent Night, Holy Night" and other spine-chilling songs - the Leipzig trio RADA synergica shoves an alternative under the Christmas tree. "A Christmas World Tour" is full of international festival songs and real insider tips. For example, the fast-paced Spanish piece "Los peces en el rio" and the quietly flowing "Deep Peace" from Ireland. True exotic songs include "Ederlezi", which is sung by the gypsies - and a delicacy from the local stable: "S'Raachermannel" is served in original German. With expert help down to the last detail, the musicians have rehearsed and sung the various languages. The booklet illustrated by Frank Schletter provides information about each piece.
An impressive Grand Prix of Christmas music, which RADA synergica will also celebrate live tomorrow in the Women's Cultural Centre. In addition to lively Yiddish and a Swiss taster, Stefanie Koch, Sylke Jilani and Claudia Herold and guest musician Steffen Petzold will conjure up a wonderfully dreamy Indian mantra, followed by the "Thai Royal Anthem". And the didgeridoo rumbles along with the contribution from New Zealand. Twelve Points!
After such highlights the initially flagellated "Silent Night" as track number 15 is really beautiful: on the one hand because of the sparkling piano performance, on the other hand because it is sung in Hindi, Arabic and Hebrew besides a German verse. At the end " Tausend Sterne sind ein Dom" - once created in a sunken country, which called itself GDR.

Mark Dani­el, Leip­zi­ger Volks­zei­tung