Sylke Jilanipiano, accordion, drum, vocals

Born into a musical family, singing and learning the piano were part of life since early childhood. Later she studied music and German language and literature and qualified to teach piano.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Sylke went to the south of France for a few years to study French at the university and to teach German in order to find an important part of her own cultural heritage. It was also a time of travelling around the world.

Back in Leipzig, she worked at the "Kreativitätszentrum" and later as a freelance musician in collaboration with other artists. Important milestones are her Choir work in the "Schola cantorum", the foundation of her own piano school and also the musical direction of the children's revue "Petit souci" and are still relevant today. However, choir conducting is no longer practised at the Schola, but in the women's choir "Leipziger Lerchen", founded in 2016.

In 2002, RADA synergica fulfilled Sylke's wish for jointly created, lively and cosmopolitan music. Her "stage career" still leads her again and again with concerts through Germany and other European countries with beautiful encounters and experiences.